AlKaram Collection

Al-Karam Collection; the Al-Karam Group of companies started as a pioneer in the textile industry of Pakistan and has since expanded into several other industries. The Al-Karam Textile Factory was founded in 1986. The group also includes salt, cork, and dairy companies, and others.

Al-Karam Collection Al-Karam Collection

AlKaram Collection

Gul Ahmad is one of the most vibrant Memon business houses in the country that was founded by Haji Mohammad Pakolawala, but is now split between Gul Ahmad and Al-Karam Group of Industries a vision to be a provider of innovative textile solutions worldwide.


Quilt covers/comforters
Sheets from t144 to t1000
Shower Curtains, Towel
Kitchen linen
Pyjama suits, winter, summer, wedding dresses
Bed in a bad
Fashion apparel and many more.

Al Karam also provides customers with complete in-house design solutions. The creative center is equipped with state of the art designing and sampling equipment and skilled textile artists. Alkaram is continuously making effort to change the lifestyle of people of Pakistan.

AlKaram Collection are a manufacturer and supplier of distinguished fabric for apparel, home and industrial markets with clients all over the world. The ability to create forward-thinking solutions that give clients a competitive advantage is what sets up apart.Al Karam  also provide customers with complete in-house design solutions. The creative center is equipped with state of the art designing and sampling equipment and skilled textile artists. Alkram also offer their customers sale at good price in every seasons.

AlKaram Textile Mills Pvt Ltd was founded in 1986, because of its stunning designs and unique use of colour palates, they became a household name. Building on the strength of Alkaram Textiles, the concept was created for customers to experience the depth, range and creativity of the Alkaram product . From fashion fabrics and apparel to kids- wear, home textiles, to home-ware needs, Alkaram Studio is a complete creative concept where customers can realize their dreams and aspirations.

Alkaram Studio Embroidered 3Piece

Alkaram Studio Embroidered 3Piece Collection 2017

Alkaram Studio Embroidered 3Piece Collection 2017 Wonderland Of Teacups  enjoy the spring soft sunny days with this chic and stylish dresses with bright cool colors of natures.  Spring Collection 2017 – Vol.1 3 Piece Embroidered Collection Eleanor. Dining in the vibrant gardens of spring fantasies, this 3 piece embroidered collection will …

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AlKaram Studio 2Piece

AlKaram Studio 2Piece A Blissful Escape Collection 2017

AlKaram Studio 2Piece  A Blissful Escape Collection 2017, Take a fantastical journey through the blooming hills with the 2 piece embroidered collection, displayed through an array of exquisite embroideries that mirror opulence and grace. Starting from PKR 2,400 and you can grab all these dress online even you are busy at …

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Alkaram Studio The Entranced Dream Collection

Alkaram Studio The Entranced Dream Collection 2017

Alkaram Studio The Entranced Dream Collection 2017, has been launched worldwide today 22 Feb and available all the stores and online store as well. This is the dream world that you walking through the flowers garden with light and flowers design dresses. Alkaram always present elegant collection for their customers with good price. …

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Alkaram Lawn 2017

Alkaram Lawn 2017 Mystical Escape Collection Vol 1

Alkaram Lawn 2017 Mystical Escape Collection Vol 1, Like the iconic majestic flair of the girl with the glass slipper, this 3 piece collection with embroidered chiffon dupatta revives the traditional touch in every design. Its rich embellishments are a reminder of the magical dress fit for a classic beauty. Pre …

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Alkaram Eid Festival Lawn

Alkaram Eid Festival Lawn Ragon Ki dunya Collection 2016

Alkaram has dispatched most recent and elite Rangoli Eid accumulation 2016 for ladies. As we realize that Alkaram is celebrated for imaginative plans and top notch material. This winter and Eid gathering incorporates customary and exquisite easygoing and formal outfits.......

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Alkaram kids Collection

Alkaram kids Collection 2016 For Cute Princes

There are many different color, pattern and designs of dresses and it is up to your choice to prefer costume for your own kids. If we talk about boys costumes then really they are outstanding like it includes embroidery shirts of dissimilar color plus designs along with shalwar.....

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Alkaram Studio Lawn

Alkaram Studio Lawn Vol-1 Summer Collection 2016 With Price

Alkaram Studio Lawn Volume-1 Summer Collection 2016 has been conked at the door on on 27 February.  wait is going to die for those ho love fashion and want to wear elegant dresses in their daily life. As everybody is expecting something new, illustrious and special to enjoy the sunny days …

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