Indian home-made hair care tips are among the most reliable tips to make your hair long; strong and healthy. These are cheap; side-effect free and easily affordable that will give your locks that ‘wow’ look with visiting expensive salons and utilizing any priced products. Here we share 3 Indian homemade hair care tips to make hair care an easier task for you!!!

Homemade Hair Care Tips3 Indian Homemade Hair Care Tips

Indian hair care solutions offer answer to almost every hair related issue but the very we are discussing here are excessive dehydration; weak and damaged hair and undue discoloration of the tress.

Excess Dryness:Excess dryness

A hair pack made through Egg and olive oil works wonders to releave your excessively dehydrated locks. To prepare the remedy first whisk an egg well and add in 2-3 teaspoons of olive oil in it. Apply it allover your hair and cover your head with shower cap letting the packs do its trick for almost half an hour. You mays also want to add honey in the remedy to boost its effect.

Damaged Hair Banana Mask:Damaged Hair Banana Mask

Our next tip among the 3 Indian homemade hair care tips will get your damaged hair the lost shine back making it softer and stronger. Get a fully riped banana mashed and add in a little among of honey. Whisk well and apply allover the hair. Wait for half hour and rinse away afterwards. Banana will work to satisfy the nutritional deficiencies of the hair to make it strong whereas honey will condition it deeply to repair the damage.

Untimely Graying of Hair:Untimely Graying of Hair

The last of our 3 Indian homemade hair care tips addresses undue graying of hair. You just need to mix together almond oil and gooseberry juice and work the potion thoroughly into the hair and scalp. Finally wash off with your regular shampoo.