Annus Abrar Bridal Wear Designer Collection 2016; Annus Abrar is a young, energetic talented aspiring designer. Annus’s inclination towards designing increased even more after being part of the reputed school Asian Institute of Fashion Design.Annus Abrar Bridal Wear Designer Collection 2016

Annus Abrar Bridal Wear

Annus Abrar having a great sense color combinations and high at aesthetics, Annus focuses on trendy yet practical and easy to carry silhouettes. Flawless Daisy Dew plan in white makes a dazzling style explanation for you. Working with fine surfaces like organza and sew and an inconspicuous silver sheen of pearls and sequins, this charmed piece doesn’t depend on splendid hues to attract your consideration.Annus Abrar facebook

Calling all the New and Stylish Romantics, Velvet Ocean is already a popular design of Annus Abrar’s “Rosaceous”. This design has some very regal beginnings, what with its sumptuous colors, tranquil natural twig design and enrichment with a rich lustrous treatment. The depth of Midnight Blue as the backdrop gives this jewel of a piece a real hint of decadence about it.Annus Abrar eid collection

The pret fashion is now the most demanded in teen and well fashion recogniser ladies. The cause is the cultural trends and elegancy in your formal clothing. Designer Annus Abrar is a vigorous, skilled, yearning youthful architect.The glitzy handwork is particularly bold and bright, and the customized embellishment matches with the more subtle going on. Delicately designed and executed pants add to the richness of this piece of brilliance by Annus Abrar.Annus Abrar clothing

Annus Abrar chose Enchanted Trail to be the design in Rosaceous that reflects his intrigue for sumptuous color palette to blend with nature to give a contemporary look. The linear pattern of chikan forms gentle shadows and a flowing feel to the outfit. The design boats of soft and delicate florals in charmingly sketched style for subtle yet grounded backdrop. Textured embellishment of lightly sprinkled shimmering handwork adds the glam effect.Annus Abrar online

Eccentric Elegance dates back to a long lineage of classic and celebrated concepts and the incorporation of a highly unique artwork adds a touch of modern sophistication. The juxtaposition of cotton net and organza represents the height of sophistication as its ornate plugging will really impose a feel of grandeur on your attire.Annus Abrar outlet

Annus Abrar eid collection 2016

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Annus Abrar Bridal Wear Designer Collection

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