Atiqa Odho is a well-known actress in the Pakistan showbiz industry for acting as a businesswoman and entrepreneur.

She is very successful in her career and business, but unfortunately, she suffered greatly with her personal married life. Her three marriages did not work out for her, and these marriages left her in deep sorrow and pain.

In a recent interview with Fuchsia Magazine, Atiqa Odho said, in your lifetime, you can fix your broken things anytime; there is no specific time to do what you had left undone. I am not an ordinary woman who goes unnoticed, I am a public figure, and I might be a role model for some young girls. For those, I want to give them hope that if Atiqa Odho can do such brave things and take bold steps to make her life smooth and bring that life out of the misery, then we can do that too.

Furthermore, she added, I am very much against domestic abuse, whether physical or emotional. Marriage is a relationship where only love and care matter. Financial dependency should not be the core thing of this relationship. Mostly, the women keep this relationship just because they do not have any financial resources if they get divorced, which is why those women keep getting abused for their whole life.

My children are the greatest strength for me that makes me strong always. That’s the reason I get out of my difficult times because they always stood by my side.