Do you always find yourself wanting to wear red lipstick On Christmas Party, but not knowing exactly how to pull it off? Or do you want to mix up your usual red lipstick look?Red Lipstick On Christmas Party

Red Lipstick On Christmas Party

If so, you’re in the right place! Here we have five different makeup ideas centred on the iconic red lipstick, so you can find the look that suits you best.

Classic Red Lipstick On Christmas PartyClassic Red Lipstick On Christmas Party

This look focuses on smooth skin, dark eyes, and red lips that pop. The lips should be the center of attention, so don’t overdo the rest of your face. Foundation and concealer to even out your skin, along with a few coats of mascara on both top and bottom lashes, are enough to pull off this classic look. If you want to take it up a notch, add winged eyeliner and a touch of blush.

Natural Red Lipstick On Christmas PartyWear Red Lipstick On Christmas

You’ll want to highlight your cheekbones and other high points of the face, add a little bronzer to contour, and dust on a natural rosy blush. Bronze eyeshadow with minimal eyeliner and mascara will allow your ruby red lips to take center stage.

Glam Red Lipstick On Christmas PartyBest red lipstick 2016/17

If you’re going out to the club or to a social event, this is a great makeup idea! I recommend priming both your eyelids and your face so your makeup can be applied to a smooth surface. Apply your favorite smoky eye, complete with winged eyeliner and a couple coats of mascara. Use foundation and concealer to make your face appear flawless, and highlight and contour the high and low points of your face. Apply blush with a light hand, and opt for a matte red lipstick rather than a shiny one you don’t want your glam look to be completely overwhelming.

Dramatic Red Lipstick On Christmas PartyHow to Wear Red Lipstick On Christmas Party

Get out your false lashes! This look is all about going over the top in a good way. For your eyes, use darker matte shades to add definition, then apply winged eyeliner, falsies, and mascara. For your face, use a full-coverage foundation and follow up with contouring and highlighting. Finally, a peachy blush and a matte red lip complete this look. Wear Red Lipstick On Christmas Party How to Wear Red Lipstick On Christmas Party Different Ways to Wear Red Lipstick On Christmas Party Best red lipstick for fair skin