Big and bold eyes always add a sexy appeal to personality. All of us are not blessed with such beautiful eyes. However, it is possible to make small eyes look bigger than the original size thanks to various eye makeup supplies. This page provides a step by step tutorial of eye makeup application for small eyes.

Eye Makeup Application for Small Eyes

Application For Small Eyes

Give Your Eyebrows Perfect Shape

Before you start with eye makeup application for small eyes, it is essential to give your eyebrows perfect eyebrows. The thick and shaggy eyebrows make your eyelid unclear. Stylish and smooth brow lines define your eyes and make them look bigger than the normal size.

Prep Your Eyes

After giving your eyebrows, prepare your eyes by applying a concealer and eye makeup primer. A concealer is usually used to hide the under eye circles and other imperfections while the primer provides a smooth base for eye makeup.

Apply Eye Illuminator

In the next step, apply a light eyeshadow illuminator around your eyes. It will emphasise the inner corner of your eyes.

Add Shimmering Eye Shadows

The matte eyeshadows with little shimmer work best to accentuate small eyes as they catch the light and makes your eyes appear bright and larger than their actual size.  Grab your selected eyeshadow and apply it to entire eyelid starting from the outer corner.

Use Neutral Beige Eye Pencil 

To make your eyes really stand out and bigger, use a neutral beige eye pencil to line the inner rims of eyes.

Apply Eyeliner

No eye makeup can be done without using an eyeliner. If you have small eyes, draw smooth and fine lines very close to your upper and lower lashes.


After applying the eyeliner, curl you lashes with the help of curler and apply a fine layer of mascara to both lashes. It is generally the last step of eye makeup application for small eyes but if you have very thin eyelashes, then you can apply artificial lashes to give them thicker appearance.