The girls with exquisite brown eyes have wide-ranging makeup options to play up their look, as various eyeshadows are available to complement the brown eyes. However, you should be considered the shape of your eyes and your skin tone before opting for an eye makeup look. This page reveals some important points, which you should keep in mind to do eyeshadow application for brown eyes like a pro. Continue reading!

Eyeshadow Application

Step by Step Smokey Brown Eyeshadow

Applying the eyeshadow is the most important step of an eye makeup. First, you have to choose the perfect eyeshadow to enhance the beauty of your brown eyes. The given below tips and tricks for perfect eyeshadow application will help you accentuate the natural beauty of brown eyes.

How to Select Perfect Eyeshadow for Brown Eyes

Plum, purple, bronze, green, blue, navy blue, taupe, light pink, peach, champagne and deep gold, all shades work best to highlight the brown eyes. You can choose any of these shades. However, you should remember that light shades give eyes natural look, so opt them for the day functions. On the other hand, dark shades are perfect for the evening parties and night function as they give you a dramatic effect.

If you want to create smoky eyes, then must go for the dark hues. Gray eyeshadow with same eyeliner will make your eyes stand out.

Eyeshadow Application Tips for Brown Eyes

If you are using a single shade, apply it to entire eyelid and add shimmer. After that, apply eyeliner and mascara.

To apply three or four hues of a colour, start with the darkest shade by applying it to the area just above the upper eyelashes and then apply the lighter shades to proceed upwards. Lastly, blends all the hues well using a good quality brush. Apply the eyeliner; curl your eyelashes and wear a fine coat of mascara to both your upper and lower lashes.