The pregnant women become extra cautious about their diet plan during the gestation phase. Several food items are recommended for the to-be-mums to get proper nutrition while certain foods are prohibited to keep the pregnancy safe and healthy. Scroll down to get the list of food and drinks to avoid when pregnant.

Food And Drinks to AvoidFood and Drinks to Avoid When Pregnant

Raw Meat & EggsRaw Meat & Eggs

Raw meat and eggs contain salmonella and bacteria, which may harm your fetus after crossing the placenta. Therefore, must prevent the consumption of such foodstuffs when you are pregnant.

Fish High in MercuryFish High in Mercury

Fish is the excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids, but you should be aware that certain varieties of fish contain a high amount of mercury. The mercury may cause several abnormalities in your growing baby including the damage to the brain of the fetus. That’s why the expectant women should avoid consuming the fish that are rich in mercury i.e. tuna, king mackerel, tilefish, swordfish, shark, etc.

Soft Cheeses

Soft Cheeses

According to the recommendations of the health specialists, the expecting mothers should prefer hard cheeses instead of soft cheeses to prevent any traumatic condition. Since soft cheeses are vulnerable to microbial infection, they can induce several hitches for both mother and her unborn baby. Camembert cheeses, Brie, Feta, blue-veined and Mexican-style cheeses are some examples of soft cheeses.

Unpasteurized MilkUnpasteurized Milk

The unpasteurized milk may contain lots of risky microbes, which can cause serious health conditions to the mum and the baby. So, always use pasteurized milk to stay healthy.

Caffeine and AlcoholCaffeine and Alcohol

Caffeine and alcohol are also recommended to be avoided during pregnancy due to their ability to crossing the placenta. To ensure the health of your growing kid, stop taking the drinks that contain caffeine and alcohol in a certain amount.

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