Hair Care Treatments At Home, is the best approach to follow for treating hair issues. Hair is one of the most fragile parts of your body that tend to react adversely towards the synthetic treatments you might be getting to handle hair troubles. From milder issues like split ends and dandruff to the severer ones like dehydration and baldness, your kitchen boasts solution to every possible hair problem. Here we are sharing some terrific hair care treatments at home to ease common hair issues;

Hair Care TreatmentsHair Care Treatments At Home

Top 5 hair care treatments at home:

Itchy scalp:Itchy scalp

Sooth the itchy scalp with lemon juice. Mix the lemon juice with olive oil and apply the mixture over the scalp. Let it do its magic for a while and then wash off. Lemon will work to remove flakes and olive oil condition the scalp.

Damaged hair:Damaged hair

Give your limp a revitalized touch with honey. Get it mixed with olive oil work thoroughly into the hair. Since both these ingredients are known for moisturizing and conditioning abilities you feel your dry hair a bit liven up even in the first try.

Frizzy hair:Frizzy hair

Third of our hair care treatments at home addresses the frizzy hair. You can make your stubborn tress manageable with avocado. Simply mash it and use it to treat your frizzy locks.


It’s among the most common hair problems. However you may fight it with baking soda. This recognized natural exfoliant vanishes dead cells and enables your scalp to absorb essential oils and moisture in a much better way. The soda is supposed to be rubbed well in damp hair to draw its anti-dandruff benefits. Wash well after a while.

Hair loss:Hair loss

Last of our top five hair care treatments at home is about hair loss. To cure hair loss apply freshly extracted onion juice over the head and wash off after half hour.