Are you worried due to acne marks that affect your appearance? Have you tried various acne care products to get rid of acne breakouts but couldn’t be successful? Well, try homemade acne spot treatment to remove the nasty acne scars.

Homemade Acne Spot TreatmentHomemade Acne Spot Treatment

Apply some apple cider vinegar

Applying apple cider vinegar is the most powerful homemade acne spot treatment. The antiseptic properties of ACV help in killing off the bacteria that may be causing acne. It also prevents the accumulation of excess oils to the skin cells, which is another leading cause of acne breakouts and pimples.

What you need

  • One tablespoon of unfiltered apple cider vinegar
  • Three tablespoons of fresh water

Mix apple cider vinegar and fresh water in a small bowl.

Apply the prepared combination to affected skin with the help of cotton ball.

Leave for about 10-15 minutes and then wash it off.

Apply a fine quality moisturizer.

Repeat this homemade acne spot treatment thrice a day for at least two weeks to attain the visible outcome.

 Use tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is enjoying global eminence thanks to its skin care properties. From the ancient times, people use this ‘God’s gift’ to fulfil their beauty needs. Since the tea-tree oil contains antibacterial properties, it helps you get rid of acne breakouts by killing off the acne causing bacteria.

What you need

  • One tablespoon of tea tree oil
  • ¼ cup of clean water
  • Cotton balls


Dilute one tablespoon of tea tree oil in a quarter cup of fresh water.

Dip a cotton ball into the mixture and apply it to the affected areas.

Wait for few minute before washing it off.

If your skin is very sensitive, then use tea tree oil with the combination of aloe Vera gel instead of water.

Repeat this remedy daily for at about three months.

Wonders of garlic

Garlic also offers an efficient homemade acne spot treatment thanks to its bacterial properties. The topical application of garlic juice helps in reducing the severity of acne breakouts.

What You Need

2-3 cloves of garlic
aloe vera gel


Extract the juice of 4-5 garlic cloves.

Combine it with one teaspoon of aloe Vera gel.

Apply the mixture to the affected area for few minutes and then wash off.

Use this wonderful homemade acne spot treatment once a day for at least two weeks.