Khaadi Accessories Sarves Jewellery Sunglasses And Notebooks; Khaadi first opened its doors in 1998 in Karachi, Pakistan offering customers kurtas and loose fabric made from hand-woven fabric. Shamoon Sultan, the chairman and founder, had the intent of reviving the ancient craft of the handloom and popularizing the traditional medium in a contemporary manner. Khaadi, which means “hand-woven”, has stayed true to its name and continues to produce a fusion of styles to complement both the east and west, while still using hand-woven fabrics on select products.

Khaadi Accessories Sarves Jewellery Sunglasses And Notebooks
Khaadi Accessories Sarves Jewellery Sunglasses And Notebooks

Khaadi Accessories

Bracelets, ear cuffs, necklaces, rings. we’ve got them all. Come check out our new jewelry pieces. A brand that that has intricately woven itself into all aspected of life, Khaadi is a renowned international brand befitting an aspirational life style. Ladies always love stylish  Jewellery enjoy with beautiful  accessories with Khaadi.

khaadi accessories collection 2016
Necklace PKR 1,300

Khaadi Earrings

Khaadi accessories collection 2016-17
Earrings PKR 1,100

Khaadi Scarves

Khaadi brand that has unpredictably woven itself into all aspects of life, Khaadi is an eminent global brand befitting an optimistic way of life. Khaadi Scarves are famous in fashion world.

khaadi collection 2016-17
Stole PKR 1,000

Khaadi Sunglasses

From a health standpoint, you want to keep all ultraviolet light from getting into your eyes and onto the lids and the skin around them. Khaadi care its customers so they offer Sunglasses that can help your eyes in two important ways. They enhance the normal light-filtering capabilities of your eyes and they protect against the sun’s damaging ultraviolet rays that cause among other conditions cataracts and retinal dysfunction. Good sunglasses will reduce glare, filter out 99 to 100 percent of ultraviolet (UV) rays, provide visual protection, be comfortable and not distort colors.

khaadi 2016
Sunglasses PKR 2,400

Khaadi Notebooks

Khaadi also offer Notebooks in digital designed hard cover 2 lined paper Length 8″ & Width 6″. Keep your memories and event safe in khaadi khas Notebooks.

Khaadi accessories sale
Note Book PKR 750
Khaadi accessories sale 2016
Note Book PKR 750
Khaadi accessories home
Note Book PKR 750
khaadi accessories stores
Note Book PKR 750