khaadi khas Handbags Collection 2016 For Summer; This Summer Lets celebrate with Khaadi, there are so many hot trends in handbags, you’ll want to get them all. Celebrate color, fun shapes, and even new twists to the classic styles you know and love. Whichever style you plan on picking up, this ultimate handbag guide will give you a great head start on all the options out there.khaadi khas Handbags Collection 2016 For Summer

khaadi khas Handbags

Sometimes a single handle is not enough and shoulder straps must be added to make a handbag as versatile as possible. In the case of transparent bags with similar additions, Loewe certainly comes in first with a piece that allows the world to see exactly what you keep inside.Black  Embroidered metal box clutch Metal chain shoulder strap look beautiful. khaadi khas Handbags Collection 2016-17 For Summer

While a large portion of the sack handles are your commonplace styles, some in cloth straps and others outright looking, we likewise have the perfect pieces where imagination hit the part you hold up also. These we can pretty much hope to command the road styles come February however until further notice we can kick back and appreciate the shows where they show up on.Khaadi spring 2016 bag trends

Fendi combined oversized messenger bags with statement handles and snakeskin in flowers looks, while khaadi makes multiple bags in saddle format look really good. Khaadi uses shoulder straps in combination with metallic handles for the tiny bags that can carry only the most necessary belongings.Khaadi bags 2016 trends

Remember when you thought tweed was a clothing thing only and that khaadi was the master of the tweed designs. Well, khaadi is definitely master in tweed suits but that does not mean that designers can’t bring the material to handbags as well. Bold embellishments, customized straps and intriguing handles all account for a lovely new trend, as we see snakeskin combine with flower appliques at Fendi, chain and leather twist together in a futuristic fashion on the  and ribbons fly all around with different material.khaadi khas Handbags Collection 2016 For Summer

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