Esra Bilgiç who won the hearts of many Pakistanis through her iconic role in the Turkish drama serial Ertugrul is recently seen in a collaboration with the renowned brand of Pakistan Khaadi. It is amusing to see that Esra Bilgiç was offered brand ambassadorship of multiple brands one after another after premiering of the Ertugrul serial in Pakistan.
This might be the start of an era of Pakistan X Turkey’s good relations.

Works with Pakistani brands:
She worked for Jazz, Qmobile and is recently featured in Khaadi’s new TVC as well.

Expressed love for Khaadi:
She expressed love for Khaadi through a post on her official Instagram account holding a cup of Khaadi in her hand. She tagged Khaadi in that post as well.

Khaadi X Esra Bilgiç photoshoot:
No doubt Esra Bilgiç has those enchanting features that leave the audience in absolute awe. With her brown eyes reflecting the sunshine, viewers can not help but stop their breath and get hypnotized by her mesmerizing beauty. She looks absolutely drop dead gorgeous in this shoot wearing traditional attire as few images are clipped here.

Black reflecting Esra Bilgiç’s divine beauty

Esra Bilgiç the beauty diva in Pakistani traditional wedding attire.

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