Do you not enjoy doing things? However, there are instances when you simply must since the situation demands it. Some of your friends chastise you for not behaving like a mature “female”. You may occasionally feel under pressure because the men in your immediate vicinity favor girls who use makeup.

Using these Makeup tips, you can maintain a natural appearance while looking like you’re wearing makeup. Additionally, it doesn’t call for a lot of equipment. For girls who detest wearing makeup, here are 5 makeup recommendations.

1. A heavy eyeliner

Use bold eyeliner to define your eyes. Thick eyeliner can hide short lashes and give you an edgy look even if you don’t use eyeshadow or colored pencils. In addition to wearing it below, you can also wear it on your eye. You may achieve the ideal appearance you want with just one pencil.

2. Eyeliner

The window to the soul is the eye. That may be the case. However, the feature that fully transforms your appearance only requires one piece of makeup. You can get curled eyelashes with just mascara. No need to purchase powdered mascara or battle with phony ones. The liquid mascara works well.

3. Lip balm in color

You can use an essential lip balm in a hue that matches any outfit if you find it awkward to wear too much lip color and find it challenging to pull it off. You can get by with a cherry blossom lip balm stick. Use the ones with flavor as well. It will produce a shiny look as well.

4. Face lotion

Use an essential facial moisturizer that works for the texture of your skin. Your skin will appear soft and fresh, and you won’t feel the need to use a compact.

5. A color-infused cream blush

Cream blush is the perfect makeup item if you want a product that can be used as lipstick and blush. It can give your complexion a faint shade of color and give your lips a glossy appearance.