Mutton Kona Urdu Recipes

Hello girls i hope you will finish you Eid Shopping your Dress, matching shoes jewelry Etc and place in your room. Now it is time to prepare some dishes recipes so we can serve our guest and family as special as you get ready with your other things. At this Eid every one expects from females. On Eid ul adha Males expectation on the peak about cooking. so i am going to share delish Mutton Kona Eid Special Urdu English Recipes. try this recipe and make street towards your husband’s hurt going to stomach.  Mutton Kona Urdu Recipes

Mutton Kona Urdu Recipes Ingredients

Mutton crus with bone1 ½ kg
Oil½ cup
Garlic paste3 tbsp
Ginger paste3 tbsp
Red chilies4 tsp
Salt 1 tsp
Yogurt4 tbsp
Cumin seeds2 tbsp
Aniseed2 tbsp
Black corrupt2 tbsp
Dry boldness2 tbsp
Black cardamom2tbsp
Cloves1 tbsp
Nutmeg1 tsp
Mace1 tbsp
Onion, subtly sliced1
Flour6 tbsp
Ingredients for Garnish
Green chilies, choppedas required
Ginger choppedas required
Lemon slicesas required

METHODMutton Kona Urdu Recipes Eid special With English

• Heat oil, add the meat, enthusiasm, garlic, red chilies and salt.
• Stirring many times fry up to the meat turns russet, through 5-8 acta.
• Add yogurt and electrifying time and again fry in expectation all the rain has evaporated.
• Add thin and cook over mechanism heat for through 1 hour or in expectation meat is done. Meanwhile grate the cumin, aniseed, hostile corrupt, dry boldness, cardamoms, rift, honeydew and mace to a fine dust and then colander it.
• Add 3-4 tablepets of the basketd spices to the meat, examine and cook over low heat prior to the meat is tender.
• Dissolve grate in 2 cups of thin and exhilarating warily pour it into the juice. (don’t stir hard, under other conditions meat will defraud narrow pieces).
• Heat oil in a spider. Add the sliced onions and inspirational periodically, fry for 10 record to a rich paint. Lift out all the onions with a make caress, augment the kunna and stir discreetly.
• Garnish with raw chilies, boldness (chopped) and reject slices.
• Serve with Nan.

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