The first trimester of pregnancy is the ideal time to start your workout routine. This page reveals the pregnancy workout plan first trimester.

Pregnancy Workout PlanPregnancy Workout Plan First Trimester

The to-be-mums face many physical discomforts during the phase of pregnancy. Bad posture, the shift of gravity, weight gain and water retention are some of these discomforts. Here is a good news that mild exercises may help you deal with these issues. Scroll down to check the pregnancy workout plan first trimester.

Aerobic ExerciseAerobic Exercise

The aerobic exercises are one of the most recommended workouts during the first trimester of pregnancy. Such exercises not only strengthen your muscles but also increase the calorie-burning process. Furthermore, the aerobic exercises improve the blood circulation and utilization of oxygen, thereby helping your fetus grow well. Swimming and brisk walking are the examples of aerobic exercises.


Swimming is the healthiest exercise for the to-be-mothers as it improves your cardiovascular health and provides you an environment free of gravity that assists in the reduction of the joint pains. Doing the swimming exercise thrice a week for about twenty minutes is enough to keep your body in shape.


Walking is the safest pregnancy workouts that provide you maximum benefits without straining your body. About one-hour walk every day improves your digestive system, helps you maintain the healthy weight and reduces water retention.

Additional tip: For walking, always wear the proper shoes and avoid walking in hot and humid climate.

Kegel ExercisesKegel Exercises

The Kegel exercises are highly advantageous for toning and strengthening. During pregnancy, such exercises prepare your muscles for delivery and labor.

Yoga Relaxing WorkoutsYoga Relaxing Workouts

The yoga relaxing exercises are best for relieving the stress as well as making you feel better. These workouts provide calmness and peace to your body and mind.

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