Pregnant Woman’s Daily Diet Schedule; When women Is pregnant, she needs more care and full attention. So that she got a healthy baby.

Pregnant Woman’s Daily DietPregnant Woman's Daily Diet Schedule

Some of the experts say that, women need more healthy food and drinks to give nutrition to their baby. And it’s also important for their baby growth and development.

Foods To EatFoods To Eat

Some of the foods are which she should eat during her pregnancy time. She needs iron,Protein and Vitamins. She should take fruits, vegetables, dairy items and whole grain on daily bases so that she feed her baby a healthy food. Some of the experts say that, when taking a food, pregnant women should fill her plate half with fruits, half with vegetables, quarter with whole grains and quarter with Lean protein and also take some dairy items in her daily diet plan schedule.

Fruits And Vegetables:Fruits And Vegetables


Fruits and vegetables are most important healthy food for any pregnant lady. They contain protein and minerals and vitamins and also healthy for your baby growth and also for your health. So take fruits and vegetables on daily bases and become healthier.

Lean Protein:Lean Protein

Pregnant women should also include some items of good protein on everyday meal to get her baby growth and development procedure. They should take some meals like: poultry fish, meat, beans, eggs, cheese, milk, nuts etc. they are also healthy but don’t take in excess amount.

Whole Grains:Whole Grains

Whole grains are also important for women to get healthy and strong. They contain iron and vitamins and other fibers. In pregnancy half quarter whole grains should be used in your daily meal plan. Some of the whole grains are: oatmeal, oats, bread, brown rice and whole wheat.


Daily take 2 to 3 times a dairy food. Such as: milk, yogurt and cheese. They provide you with calcium, protein and Vitamin D. they’re healthy food. It helps in the growth and development of baby. Milk is healthier food for health.