Sikandari Pulao Recipe in Urdu; The recipe is easy and simple but does take time as meat is being used and meat takes certain amount of time to get tenderized. This is pulao but it is a variant of it.

Sikandari Pulao Recipe

Sikandari Pulao Recipe


500g lamb meat on the bone, cut into pieces.                                                Acadmic 50 g (kajo)

Boiled Black peace 250 g                                                                                          1 small cinnamon stick(dalchini)

Rice 300 g                                                                                                                       kari Pata 2

Onion 2 peeled and sliced                                                                                       2 cardamoms(elaichi)

Ginger Garlic paste 2tbs                                                                                              Cumin 1ts

Carrot 1                                                                                                                            Whole red chili 5

Milk 1 cup                                                                                                                           Salt as per need

Almond and  Pistachio  50 g  each                                                           Cooking oil or ghee and water


Heat the ghee in a pan and add the onion meat and 2 tbs Ginger Garlic paste let it brown.  When the meat color changed and onion beak properly then add all species in it. Add some water and cover it for some time.  When mutton will cock enough and trend add almonds and other ingredients in it. Cut the carrot in small pieces and add boiled black peace and rice . Let the rice cocked at low heat and then cover it for 15 mints.