Smokey Eye Makeup for Brown Eyes; Smokey eyes give you a dramatic a flattering look and make you stand out in the crowd, and the beauty has been doubled if you have brown eyes. It is a general misconception that one must need the services of professional makeup artist to do Smokey eye makeup for brown eyes. You can do it by yourself easily by following given below tips and tricks.Smokey Eye Makeup For Brown Eyes

Smokey Eye Makeup


Prep Your Eyes

Wash your face using a gentle facial cleanser, pat dry and apply a suitable moisturizer. Conceal the under eye circles and other imperfections with the help of a concealer and then apply your regular foundation to your entire face.Prep Your Eyes

Create Base for Smokey Eye Makeup

In the next step, grab dark gray or black cream shadow and use it to cover your eyelid as well as the crease of your eye. It will serve as a base.

Apply Powdered Shadow in the Same Color

Now, take powdered eyeshadow in the same color (of the cream shadow) and apply it to the cream shadow with the help of an eye makeup brush with fine bristles. After applying the powdered eyeshadow, use a blending brush to blend in the eyeshadow to the crease of your eyes.Apply Powdered Shadow in the Same Color

Highlight the Brow Bone

Take nude-colored eyeshadow and sweep it on beneath the arch of your eyebrows. It will not only highlight your brow bone but also make your eyes larger than their actual size.

Dab Shimmering Eyeshadow

To add some more brightening effect to your Smokey eye makeup for brown eyes, dab a little amount of shimmering eyeshadow onto the inner corners of your eyes.Dab Shimmering Eyeshadow

Line the Eyes

To emphasize the beauty of your brown eyes, draw smooth lines very close to your upper lashes using a black or dark-colored eyeliner.Line the Eyes

Curl Your Lashes & Apply Mascara

After applying the eyeliner, curl your lashes with the help of an eyelash curler and apply fine coats of black mascara to both your upper and lower lashes.Curl Your Lashes & Apply Mascara

Use Eyelash Extensions

Use the eyelash extensions to make your eyelashes look thick and long.Use Eyelash Extensions