9th PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week 2016 Lahore Pakistan, stared on 10th to 13th March. Allure of SunSilk fashion is return with the spring blossom at their pick.  No doubt the ninth PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week points the fourteenth style week started by the Pakistan Fashion Design Council with eight weeks of prêt-à-doorman and five of marriage fashion and is an immediate indication of the Council’s dedication to manageability and control inside of the matter of style and the assistance of Pakistan’s retail industry.SunSilk Fashion Week 9th PFDC Allure Return 2016

SunSilk Fashion Week

PFDC will make efforts to showcase Pakistani fashion through different channels and give it access to international market creating increasing opportunities for trade and commerce. PFDC en deavours to characterize and display extravagance/pret, high road and garden/voile patterns for 2016, concentrating particularly on design for the locales’ long hot summer months.SunSilk Fashion Week 9th PFDC Allure Return 2016

PFDC has built up general design weeks since February 2010, trying to guide Pakistan on worldwide style week circuits, in a joint effort with monster worldwide brand Unilever and the world’s greatest magnificence brand L’Oreal Paris.SunSilk Fashion Week 9th PFDC Allure Return 2016

Ninth PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week will be held from Thursday which will concentrate particularly on the locale’s long hot summer months and every one of the shows characterized and display patterns for the year. With regards to purchasers, this version was invited local purchasers too separated from some universal players. Maria.B and Sana Safinaz will start day one.SunSilk Fashion Week 9th PFDC Allure Return 2016

The accomplishment of PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week keeps on provoking material area, high-road and design partners to develop in their engagement of the stage to dispatch new accumulations and battles. To this end, proceeding with the organized way to deal with style showcases, the PFDC group expands on their dedication to 3 unmistakable stages inside PSFW with independent and committed showcases by Luxury/Prêt originators, High-Street brands and Textile houses.SunSilk Fashion Week 9th PFDC Allure Return 2016

To be sure PSFW16 will highlight a percentage of the season’s most foreseen planner brands and high-road marks and will likewise serve as a starting stage for a percentage of the S/S’16 season’s creator garden accumulations.SunSilk Fashion Week 9th PFDC Allure Return 2016