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Firdous Collection; Firdous the famous clothing brand was introduced in 1970 by the best designer of the Asia. The things which they made are mostly suitable for new trends and their clothes can be wearing by everyone in any season.

Firdous Collection Firdous Collection[/caption]

Firdous Collection

Firdous is one of the best fashion brands in Pakistan that has targeted both men and women. It has been operating successfully since long and the reason behind its success understands the needs of their customers.
It¹s been three generations; Firdous Cloth Mills have established itself as one of the biggest textile brands and the producers of the finest fashion fabrics in Pakistan.

It is a composite unit providing facilities from weaving to stitching offer the best of fabric in different forms that meet the stringent quality requirements of customers.Firdous Fashion fabrics are designed keeping in mind the outclass fashion and style needs that holds desirability and versatility, and never fails to capture the hearts of today’s fashion-conscious Men & Women.

Their main products are;
Loose Fabric
Home Textile
Men-Women Footwear

Firdous designs are accredited with being different and possess their own unique flavor and fashion essence based on the aesthetic philosophy.