Khadi winter collection 2018 with price

Khaadi Winter Journey Collection

Khaadi Winter Journey Collection 2018-19

Khaadi Winter Journey Collection 2018-19, Khaadi 1st started in operation within the late 90’s, 1998 to be precise and it had been 1st launched in Karachi. the merchandise portfolio that they offered to their customers enclosed loose cloth that was really made of hand-woven materials, kurtas, garment pants, suits etc. This …

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Khaadi Winter 2018

Khaadi Winter 2018 khaddar 3Piece Collection With Price

Khaadi Winter 2018 khaddar 3Piece Collection With Price control your pulse in light of the fact that Khaadi is introducing its three-piece Cambric Unstitched Collection 2018. All accumulation of this brand is accessible in all stores of Pakistan. They present 12 astounding plans and hues. Khaadi is acclaimed in ladies attire …

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