Pregnancy is the only time in a female’s life when she want to gain weight happily. However, it is very important to get awareness about how much weight you should gain to grow a healthy pregnancy. Scroll down to get a brief guide for weight gain during pregnancy month by month.

Weight Gain During Pregnancy

Weight Gain During Pregnancy Month by Month

First Trimester (1st to 3rd Month of pregnancy)

During the first three months of pregnancy, you need to gain just 1 to 1 1/2 pounds per month. A total of 3-5 pounds weight gain is enough for the whole first trimester. Since your baby is very tiny, you don’t need to consume too much extra diet. Consumption of an extra 200 calories a day is okay during this phase.

Second Trimester (4th to 6th Month of pregnancy)

During the second trimester of pregnancy, the fetus starts to grow in earnest. Therefore, the pregnant women should consume an extra 300 calories a day during the fourth to sixth months of pregnancy. Gain about 4 pounds per month and a total of 12-14 pounds in this trimester.

Third Trimester (7th Month to the end of pregnancy)

To develop a healthy pregnancy, you should gain 10-14 pounds during the third trimester of pregnancy that lasts from the 28th week to the end of pregnancy.

Tips for Healthy Weight Gain during Pregnancy

  • Never skip meals during the pregnancy.
  • Eat well-balanced and healthy diet during your pregnancy to provide your child the necessary nourishment.
  • Maximize the consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Make sure that your daily diet plan includes lean meat, eggs, fish, whole grains and other foods that are full of iron, zinc, protein and fatty acids.
  • Stay away from alcoholic and processed foods. Drink a lot of water and fresh juices.
  • Must drink a glass of whole milk daily when you are pregnant.